Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising!! Free Advertising Tips!!

The whole point of Online Advertising, is to gain exposure for your website or product, right???

Whether you are looking for sales or referrals, you need to promote those programs in the right places in order to get the sign ups you are looking for!!! You can get loads of free advertising tips, as well as free advertising, you just have to look around for the best!!

First thing most people do is head to the
PTC sites to earn free cash, and then hit the Traffic Exchanges to promote them!! Here is what I realized the other day, as I was surfing & looking for a few new PTC sites to join!!

If you are trying to get sign ups for your PTC sites, use the advertising you gain for your site participation to advertise your other PTC programs!!! The reason IS if you want to get referrals for PTC programs, you already know that ALL of these members are looking for more PTC site to earn more money!! So if you are promoting your other PTC programs there, you are sure to get the referrals you are looking for!!!

If you are trying to gain referrals for your Traffic Exchanges, then you should promote your traffic exchanges on traffic exchanges!! You already know these people are looking for traffic, and are more likely to join from other exchanges while surfing!!

If you have a blog or two that you are trying to get in front of an audience, try joining a forum or two based on your blog topic. If you are unsure how, Google: Forum+(ur topic) (Forums + Cars, Forums+ birds) Join a few on your topic, take a day or two and take a look around. Before you start posting your own stuff, take some time to comment on others posts, offering quality info. People will start to recognize your name and then will start to trust you!! Then you can start pointing them to your blog every chance you get!!

It's all about knowing your audience.
Getting your programs in front of the right people to get the most out of your advertising!!!

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