Friday, January 3, 2014

5 Tips To Get More Pinterest Followers FAST!!!

1) Add the Pinterest Follow Button To Your Website Or Blog

The Pinterest follow button diverts website visitors to your Pinterest page, thereby attracting followers. This can be effective if you have a high-traffic website.
Install the button in several prominent places on your website and blog—the header, footer, sidebar, etc. Make it easy for people to find your brand page and convert them into follower

2) Post, Post, Post: Share a Lot

When you share often, more people will see your pins and those pins lead people back to your page by displaying your details below the pin. Usually  after you pin an image, you see an option to follow a board on which the same pin has been added. You  get the message “Also pinned to…”.

3) Promote Promote Promote!!  

Always Use other Social Media sites as well. Facebook, Twitter Instagram Etc. Don't only limit yourself to promoting  your Pinterest profile page!! Share links to each of your individual boards!! There is so much more to you than your profile, Let the world get to know you!! 

4)  Follow Others

Look for people with similar interests, follow them and a fraction of them will follow you back. Continue to follow the ones who follow you back and unfollow the ones who don’t. Repeat the process.

5) Keep Your Followers Happy

It’s not just about getting followers, it’s also about keeping them happy. Make the extra effort to keep your followers satisfied so they’ll continue following you instead of leaving you.
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