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  1. Use PLR software to generate traffic
  2. Use PLR content as a gift
  3. Convert digital content into physical products to sell

This was a great read. There are plenty of useful ideas among this list. 

I took a few minutes and put some of these tips to the test and I'l say, it's now one of my new go to books for new ideas. Get Your Risk Free Copy Today!
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Gain Flings

Let me start by saying,
There isn't a Gain product out there that I don't love! 

Needless to say I was super excited when Gain came out with their Gain Flings! They are a 3 in 1 laundry soap. With the perfect mixture of detergent, oxi boost & Frebreeze, they leave your clothes bright, clean & smelling fresh! The large tub of 72 lasts longer and goes farther than regular liquid detergents.  I notice I am using much less detergent these days, and that is always nice. Having a fella who works on trains and a 7 year old boy
(dirt  magnet), I do my fair share of laundry!!
Paired with your favorite Gain fabric softener, your nose will thank you!! 

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