Saturday, September 5, 2009

Elite Surf Club. More Credits & Cash Rewards!

Most of us online entrepreneurs, deal with Traffic Exchanges, for one reason or another. Right? These days there are many site owners, that own one or more Traffic Exchange. Usually these site masters/mistresses will offer great bonuses for joining their sister sites!! Many Traffic Exchanges will give you Loads and loads of bonuses for surfing a certain amount of sites in one day. Some Traffic Exchanges will reward you with great bonuses, for surfing a certain 2 or 3 sites at the same time!! I personally have about 20 different Traffic Exchanges that I surf regularly. Surfing can almost become like an addiction sometimes!! You click & click for hours, searching for sire bonuses, and cash rewards.

I surf with BlueSurf, and the other day I came across an ad on BlueSurf, for a program Called, Elite Surf Club . This program rewards their active club surfers, with great traffic rewards, in 3 traffic exchanges, BlueSurf, TrafficWitch, and RoyalSurf!!

Elite Surf Club is your gateway to surf your way into eliteness. Surf 50 sites 4 days out of a week at the three participating exchanges and you're in the Surf 50 club. Surf 100 and you're in the Surf 100 Club. Surf 250 and you're in the elite Surf 250 Club. Each week you qualify for any of the clubs you'll be rewarded with bonuses the following week. Weeks start on Sundays.

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