Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Mother Couldn't Be More Proud of Her Boy!!

Here's a funny Toddler story for you!!!

The other day, my almost 3 year old boy stood up, and put a grown man in his place!! My boy is 3 going on 30 and is wise, well beyond his years!! I am a single mom, (his dad is very much in his life tho) my son is VERY aware he is the man of this house,lol!!

I had a male friend pop in for coffee one day, we were all hanging out in the living room, chattin' & playin'. My friend was teasing my boy. (he really does not like that, nor do I,lol) He would not let up after 15 minutes or so, and my boy had had enough. He walked to the middle of the room looked my friend straight in the eye, dropped his pants, grabbed a hold of himself and said "See that?.......... That's My bird!!!" Pulled his pants back up and walked away!!! I almost fell off my chair. It took all I had not to laugh out loud!! He has NEVER done anything like that before, what to do I thought. He had found his own way to say go F*** urself buddy, I don't know who u think u are, but I am the man of this house,lol!!

I don't think I will EVER be more proud, then I was at that moment!! Even tho I wasn't sure if I should scold him or give him a pat on the back!! After witnessing that, I know my boy will always stand up for himself, as well as others!!! For him to be that dominant, @ less than 3 years old, (without being aggressive) both made me so proud and amazed me!! The virtues he possesses already in his young life, are going to help him grow into a strong confidant man. He is kind, caring, thoughtful, empathetic, honest, curious, flattering & more. He even notices when I have changed my earrings, necklace, and always tells me, they look nice!! If only I could find an adult male that observant. I'd be set,lol!!!

*****Be good to your boys ladies, it will make all the difference in who they become!! Our kids will be running the world one day, don't we want them to be good people????*****

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Lost 70lbs in 5 Months, After Baby!! No Diets or Pills!!

**Create Heathier Habits, NOW While you are already
in transitition, with the new baby!!**

Good Morning Ladies,

I am very excited to share with you my New Guide on Dropping those Baby pounds!!
I lost 70lbs in less than 5 months, no diets, or pills. Not even a simple Gym membership.
It was just a little old fashoned common sense.

While we are pregnant, people tend to cater to our every need, (and then some)
Pregnant woman are rarely left to complete too many tasks on their own.
People often drop off gifts of chocolate, homemade casseroles & pies.
Especially if you have a large family base in the area!!
We've all eaten a bit more than we probably should have at one point or another in our pregnancies!!
So ........ Go ahead admit it you loved it and may have gotten a little lazy!! hahaha! We all do!!

I didn't struggle with my weight after I had my son!!
I just picked myself up off the couch and found ways to keep myself busy!!

This Guide is is going to change your life.
It will give you the tools to retake controle of your life and your habits.

**Change The Way You Look At things**
Instead of looking at walking as a chore, something you have to do.
Look at it as so many other great things.

For before and after photos of my weight loss,

Please Click Here

You have to see it to believe it!!

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