Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Earn Real Money, Writing About What You Know!!

Hello Everybody,
I am writing today to let you know, you can get paid to write about what you know!!! Doesn't really matter what it is, that you know lots about. Write about it here @
Helium.com and start sharing your knowledge and earning real money today!! There are so many ways to earn with Helium, you will be earning real money in no time!! With empty title bonuses, upfront payments, marketplace offers and so much more!!!
Everybody has ONE thing out there that they know more about then anything else. Whether it is Horses, kids, cooking, fishing, stamps, coins, even video games!!! It really doesn't matter what your passion is!! There is a place for you @ Helium!! As long as you are respectful of others and the rules of the site!!
I have been writing articles with Helium.com for a little over a year now!!! I am so glad I came across this FANTASTIC site, not only do I have the answers to my everyday questions ALL in one place, but I also get paid to publish articles about things I like to write about!! Whatever I want, whenever I want!!! It's totally up to me!! Currently I am earning monthly bonuses, as well as earning daily from articles I have written, about the things I Love.!! Article Writing is a very soothing activity for me, in my very busy life!!
I Love Helium because it gives me a place to store my ideas, and get real feed back from them!! It's a great feeling to login to you Helium account one morning, to notice that one of your articles has become a top 3 article out of 20 or 30+ in that topic!! It is then, you realize that you have much knowledge to share!!! I write about my life, my feelings, my son, fantastic recipes, just to name a few !!!
If you are a Stay At Home Mom, (or dad) article writing is a great way for you to write out your life, feelings, frustrations & experiences!!! I've been in that place, where you feel like nobody wants to hear what you have to say!! With Helium.com they always want to hear what you have to say!! Not to mention, writing is very healthy outlet!!
Don't miss out on this great opportunity, to express yourself, get your word out, and who knows...... Maybe become a freelace writer and end up a famous published writer.

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