Monday, August 3, 2009

Ready to get those FREE REFERRALS NOW!!???

There are a few great programs out there,
that will help you gain those referrals you are in DESPERATE need of,lol.

With many of these programs it is a trade system. You take a look at a link, get credits and then use them to get others to look at yours. There are also a few that will allow you to use these credits to jump over others in the mailing list and then you are able to email everyone who is underneath you in the list order!! So here are a few great ones!!
List Jumper: Use your points to climb the list and email those underneath you!!
You really earn points fast with List jumper!!
There are also lots of great programs that members are promoting!!

Cash Text Ads: Get paid CASH for viewing websites, not just points!!
I really like this site!! Check it out for yourself!!

Ad Exchangers: This is an awesome site, you even get paid for very minimal efforts here!! Click a few links, view a few sites and BAM there it is!! Ad Exchangers is a fast and easy way to gain those sign ups and get those referrals you need to help your business succeed!! There is a very good networking system here @ ad exchangers !!

Downline With this site it is super easy to get fast referral. EVERYBODY is on the look out for referrals. This site has plenty!! Down line lets you build your own FREE down line!!

Free Traffic Team: With this Fantastic site, it gives you some of the greatest traffic exchanges out there!! Join Free Traffic Team, fill in your ref ID and then promote your link for Free Traffic Team anywhere. You will be able to promote 10+ of your favorite traffic exchanges ALL on one page!! This is a great way to get those referrals in so many of your programs!!

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