Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Food Allergy Buzz: Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival

Food Allergy Buzz: Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival

This is a great blog to follow if you or anybody you love has a food allergy!!
So many great recipes and tips from this one!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Traffic Exchanges, They actually pay you REAL $$$$ to surf!!!

Good Friday morning to you all,

After a very eventful weekend for Berry Blossoms, I have decided to stay in today and do as little as I possibly can,lol. A great chance to catch up on my writing!!

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about a few Awesome Traffic Exchanges, that actually pay you to surf!! Some offer a certain amount of money for every 100-1000 sites surfed, also offering bonus cash, credits and other great rewards. If you are going to surf anyway, you might as well get EVERYTHING you can out of it, because some times it can feel like you're clicking your life away for nothing,lol. For some I think it may almost become an addiction from time to time!! Hahaha (That's so not healthy, by the way,lol) But we ALL Love Free Advertising & earning real money!!

Anyway, here they are, have a look, much better than surfing for free!!

Free Traffic World: Find the letters in "onedollarcashprize" and get $1, also there are many cash bonus pages ranging from .02- $1, many bonus pages while surfing. I made $1.50 in my first day surfing. That's more than any other exchange I've tried!!!

Hit Insomnia: This is a new Exchange, but it has some really great perks!! Surf the required amount of sites for 7 straight days (sunday-saturday) Get a free upgrade for the following week!! I know, but there's lots more. Surf required number of sites and be eligible for free referrals for the remainder of that day!! The required number of sites you need to surf for these bonuses is pretty low. Upgrade: 90 sites daily, Free Referrals: 10-20sites daily! There are also plenty of bonus pages with cash, credits, banner impressions, as well as text links!!!

Traffic Taxis: Surf at least 175 sites & receive bonus impressions, plenty of bonus pages with cash, impressions, and lots of other great stuff!! Also you can earn cash and credits from your referrals, same as most traffic exchanges!!

Revolutionary Traffic: Surf 210 sites in a day get $1.00 If you are somebody who surfs a lot then this site is for you!! No limit to what you can earn. They also have a great Click to earn section, where you can earn at least 100 extra credits daily!! Bonus pages galore offering cash, credits & more!!!

Volcano Hits: Surf at least 175 sites & receive bonus impressions, plenty of bonus pages with cash and stuff. Don't forget about credits and cash you can earn from your referrals too!!!

Hit Tactic: $0.025 for every 100 sites surfed, cash, credit and impression bonuses while surfing. They also have a poker bonus page, as well as a poker game to help you win extra credits!!!

I hope you all get something out of at least one of these sites!! They really are great!!!

Thanks for reading, and as always, comments are encouraged and welcomed!!!
Have a Great Day !!!!

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Edible friut flower arrangements!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My top Program picks you NEED for 2009 !!!!

I will not give you false hype on "Get rich quick scams" Only cold hard facts!!

You will find some great sites here at Yummy Mummies Inc. I want to help anybody I can, to use their time, money, and efforts to get results !!! I did it alone and wasted so much EVERYTHING over the last 2 years!!

If you have any questions PLEASE drop me an email. halfpintohoney@gmail.com

Ok so you're looking for a way to make some extra money from home, without spending a fortune on training, materials, and advertising. You will find some very useful sites here!!!

Ebiz Rotator: I know I have already mentioned this program, but I just wanted to take a minute to remind every one to take a second to join!! It's FREE, and trust me you won't regret it!! Shirley rocks. Ebiz rotator was the one program that help me GET and STAY organized!! It was also the first program I had joined in a year, THAT ACTUALLY PAID ME!!! YEAH, and it was after only being a member for 30 days!! I am still getting paid monthly !!!! Don't miss out!!!

Affiliate Funnel: This site is AWESOME, there are so many great tools here for you to use, and tested programs to join!! There are loads of videos to watch. These come in handy when you have questions. Getting referrals with this one is too easy, as long as you are promoting!!!

List Jumper: This is a great site for getting the leads and referrals you need, with minimal effort and very little(if any) money!! How it works is, you gather points looking @ other peoples links, reading emails etc. Then you can use your points to jump higher up the list. The higher you go, the more people you can email regularly!! List jumper is one great place, this is a great way to get leads without filling up your inbox, or having to go through pages of names and emails.

I've gotta run but I will be making another post later this afternoon!!
Have a Great Day All!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back in Action!!!

2009 Will be YOUR year!!!You must work hard, and remain focused,only then will you prosper!!!

Hello Every body,

I have realized that I have been quite slack with my posts, so I am writing to let everybody know that you can expect to see some great information here, on a regular basis. I have been a bit scatter brained in the last few months, with the many programs I am testing, my "Berry Blossoms" Business, and the many tasks that come with motherhood,lol!! I have so much to share, but some times have a hard time collecting my thoughts long enough to actually get it all down.

I would like to take a minute to invite my readers to post any questions they might have about regular ever day stuff, or anything I have posted @ Yummy Mummies Inc. I'd really love to here your feedback. So post, post, post away!! Please!!!! It would make me really happy to hear that I program I have recommended, has also helped someone else achieve their goals!! So, for my first bit of useful information for you is this!!!

If you are looking to make money online in 2009, the first thing you need to do is…………….


2) Do not sign up for a program you have not googled or searched in some way!!

3)Use Fire Fox web browser instead of windows. You won’t believe how much time this will save!!

4)BE ORGANIZED (I can’t say this enough) Have folders for each business type you are joining, in your favorites and use them !(ie: Paid to click, traffic exchanges, surveys, article sites)

5)You do NOT need to spend any money out of pocket to make money online!!!!

*You can join free programs and use the money you make to upgrade your memberships*

This can take some time to get started, but if you are smart about it….. You’ll be making extra cash in no time!!!

If you are interested in hearing more please contact me via email, I'm always here to help!

Or check out my other blogs.........