Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Expertscolumn is a writing website which pays you for writing articles. It is an Indian article writing website on internet which pays you for writing articles. You write articles there and they pay you for your hard work of writing articles for them. Easy As 1,2,3.  Write, Post, & Share ! 
Now, the question comes about the basis on which they pay you for your articles? What is the criterion for paying you for your articles or on what basis you get paid for your articles? They pay you for your articles on the basis of page views your articles accumulate. More the page views, more the earnings. So write as many articles as you can, which will result in more page views, and hence more earnings.
Now next question comes about the payment procedure. That is how they pay? Or through what payment mode they pay? They pay you through moneybookers. The second payment option available is paypal. Indian authors are paid through moneybookers and foreign authors residing outside India are paid through paypal.
Now next question comes about how much money or earning you needs to be earned here in your expertscolumn account to withdraw them to your paypal or moneybookers account? The minimum earning required to be earned here on expertscolumn account to withdraw money to your moneybookers or paypal account is five dollars. Once you have collected five dollars in your account here at expertscolumn you can withdraw it through the payment modes mentioned above which ever method suits you.

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