Monday, December 22, 2014

Can You REALLY Make Money Online With Traffic Exchanges?? YES, YES, You Can!

So, what is a traffic exchange?? Well , a traffic exchange is a type of website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic. It is similar to the autosurf concept with the exception that traffic exchanges usually use a manual rotation. 

Earning anywhere from a 1:4 to a 1:1 ratio. Many of these traffic exchanges also offer ways to make money, while you surf! The best ratio I have seen is $0.30 cents, per 1000 Sites Surfed! More and more traffic exchanges are  offering a cash surf along with paying you for your referrals and offering you bonuses based on your referral participation!! If you can promote your referral links for these exchanges and gather yourself a list of 10 referrals or more, not only will you earn free credits (requiring you to have to surf less) BUT you will also earn cash from their participation! With a Surfing list of about 10 traffic exchanges, it is possible to earn enough of a monthly income to take this money and reinvest it into your other programs or pay for more traffic, or cash it out into your bank account! It's up to you!

Traffic Exchanges are a great place to promote your OTHER traffic exchanges and PTC sites. They are not a great place if you are trying to get sales for your baking business, or rock climbing website! Here is the reason why. Most people who are surfing traffic exchanges are trying to get FREE traffic for their own referral links. They usually do not have a lot of money for making purchases, that's why they are surfing. Instead of just purchasing their credit packages!! While these people surf, they are only looking for ways to earn credits and cash! That is why you will do better promoting traffic sources here. Not just free source, but great value advertising sites. 

Try out this great surf tool, Tab Accelerator!! If You are a Traffic Exchange surfer, you will love this Tab Accelerator now! It's a perfect way to double your surfing efforts! 

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Top 5 Reasons To Join & Earn BitCoins, For Being Social On BitLanders !! Too Easy!

Bitlander, For Free Bitcoins!

1) BitLanders allows all contributors on its platform to earn money with their work. So many amazingly talented people in this world go un noticed everyday! Places like this help get people the recognition they deserve.

*While filmmakers get paid for their films, bloggers get paid for their articles. *If you’re a filmmaker who also blogs, you get paid for both. 
*If you’re simply a viewer, you get paid for sharing content.
just participating in social networking connections, posting a status, photos, videos, you will receive money from the comment and the buzz of the track and your friend. too easy to make money with Bitlanders. Join Now

2) It's so easy to earn. You do many of things on facebook dozens of times a day. Shouldn't you get something out of it!! Facebook allows you to use their services for free, but they are making a KILLING on the advertising packages they offer. They are not sharing any of it. BitLanders is FREE & They Pay You in bitcoins, which can be invested or traded in later for real cash. 

3) All revenues are based on a scoring system that we created called the BuzzScore. It calculates your influence and ability to engage your audience with social media tools. The BuzzScore quantifies your leadership!

Higher BuzzScore = Higher Revenue You Will Earn!

Your BuzzScore has several components:

Filmmaking score : The number of films you upload. Having your films featured on bitLanders Picks will increase your BuzzScore.
Blogging score : The quality of your blogs. Having your blog featured in The Annex Press will increase your BuzzScore.
Sharing score : How much you share content on social media platforms.
Influence score : How much your content is shared on social media platforms by other users.
Subscribers: Having subscribers with high BuzzScores will increase your own BuzzScore.

4) FREE Advertising, for new eyes! Yes interacting with a whole new world of people AND it's 100% free. Twitter, facebook, linkedin and many more of these networks are so saturated with the same things time and time again. Here you have a whole new fresh set of eyes, to view your great content!

5) BitCoins are becoming a means for people to use a REAL MONEY. Yes, there are real bitcoin banks, bank machines, and even some retailers are accepting it as a method of payment. It only makes good sense to jump on this Bitcoin Bandwagon, before it's too late!

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