Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The 5 things ur Dr. Wishes you'd do for your Children!!

Hello there Every Body,
I was just puttering through my email, when I can across a site called Baby Center!!
There was an article about "the 5 things your Dr. wishes you would do for your children"!!! These 5 things in this article @ Baby Center are the 5 rules I live by, someone has taken the time to put it into words for me,lol!!
These 5 things are important and key factors to your child's developments!!! Things like constant conversation with your infant can cause them to have a full vocabulary by two years old!!! Things like the importance of hygiene & Independence are a great thing to teach them as soon as they are old enough to catch on!!!
Please read this article if you are a brand new mom or a soon to be mom!! You will be glad you did!!!

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