Friday, October 16, 2009

3 Sure Ways to Reduce Debt, in Times of Recesion!!

Every body knows times are tough these days!!
We are all drowning in some form of debt. Student loans, car/ house loans, credit card debt.
The list goes on!! That being said the only one who can do something about YOUR debt is YOU!!
So take control of your debt NOW, before it's too late!!

I decided to do a little piece or two on debt!! So here's #1 Hope it helps!!!

3 Ways To Reduce Your Debt

#1) Downsize!!
When it comes to your luxuries, ie: houses, vehicles, property!!
Get rid of what you don't NEED in this time of recession! Start with your 2nd or 3rd vehicle.
Sell it, figure out a way to function without it for 6 month to a year! A vehicle can be a HUGE financial burden.
There's lease payments, insurance, gas, and any unexpected mechanical maintenance.
Oh ya, don't forget the seasonal tires it needs!!
If you get rid of 1 vehicle you WILL save a minimum of $5000 in just 6 months.!!!
Don't believe me?? Let's do the math shall we?? lol.
Car payments: $300/month x 6 months= $1800
Insurance payments, min $60/month x 6 months= $360
Gas & other Fluids: $ 400/month x 6 months= $2400
Misc expenses, min $500
Total: $5060.00
And that's only 6 months. Imagine the dent you could put in your debt with that $5000

#2) Get a Second Job!!
Getting a second job, doesn't have to mean leaving your home to do so!! It doesn't have to mean even less time with your family. Actually it could mean more time with them!! Many people earn a VERY comfortable living online!!
Research online job banks in your area of expertise! People are always looking for website content and they are willing to pay you for it . There are plenty of 100% legit jobs that can be done online with flexible work hours.
Most of the time it's up to you!! Not all online "work from home" opportunities are Mlm Scams.
Be sure to do your research!!!

Promote products, throw parties, networking. There are plenty of programs out there ie: accai berry, healthy chocolate, avon, herbal teas! You can promote many of these products online, without having to solicit friends and family to buy the product so you will make a few bucks!! ( That's something I just can't do to my family,lol)
But again, be sure to do your research!!

#3) Cut your Spending, Implement a budget!
If you take a minute to sit down and take a look at your spending habits, it won't be long before you see many places you can make small cutbacks. Start clipping and using coupons, you may only save $5 each trip to the grocery store.
But that's $5 in your pocket. Right?? That's right!!
Less take out, Fewer salon visits and a few less pampering sessions,
Rent or download movies to watch at home instead of going to the theater. You can save a bundle if you stay in and do dinner and a movie date night, instead of going out to dinner and a movie. At least $100 easy!

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