Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wikinut, Write, Share, Earn! (Review)

Have You Tried Wikinut Yet? Write About Whatever You Like,
 And Get Paid Daily Royalties!!

 Wikinut, Write, Share, Earn

Yes, You Read That Right! 

Wikinut is a great place to write about what you love, a place to share what you know with the world, PLUS you will earn daily royalties from your content!! Yes, it's so incredibly easy to earn on Wikinut. You have access to your daily page views! 

Another great thing about wikinut is the allow you to post duplicate content. AS LONG AS IT IS ORIGINALLY YOUR CONTENT! If you didn't write it, Wikinut will know and Reject your article! So don't bother trying to trick them. They are VERY GOOD! lol 

This fantastic feature will help you get loads and loads of FREE, EFFORTLESS, Traffic & Backlinks to your Very Own blog, or website!! Not to mention some really effective SEO, without beating your head off of the wall! WIN, WIN! 

You Will Also Earn From Inviting Your Friends!! 

Yes, you will earn When you introduce a friend to Wikinut they'll earn our generous 50% royalty payment for their articles, and we'll also pay an additional 10% of their earnings directly to you. 

Earning Wikinut Badges,
 Along With Building A Social Presence !

Wikinut feels that everybody feels better after a quick pat on the back, and some public recognition of achievement... so they reward their members with badges when they reach certain milestones.

Some badges may take up to 24 hours to appear on your account but don't worry, they will be awarded!
Some badges are an indication of a users standing in the Wikinut Community, others are awarded for one-of these achievements. We've listed these below, to explain what they mean and how you can earn them.And there are also a few other badges that you'll have to find out about yourself, as they are currently secret.

Every Wikinut member is given a colored belt,similar to those in karate

Belts Earned

Beginners start with a green belt, and then as they earn enough nutpoints through writing pages etc they will earn the next belt. If they are lucky, they may eventually receive the legendary Wikinut  black belt, handed out only to the ninjas of the Wikinut world.
  • Green belt - given to all new members
  • Orange belt - the next on the ladder for ambitious Wikinutters
  • Blue belt - a sign of an experienced member
  • Purple belt - evidence of a community elder
  • Black belt - a rare and precious award, handed to true Wikinut ninjas

Published Pages

Wikinut thrives on new pages on content, and so our first pages badge is awarded once you publish your initial page.
Then, as you add more pages, we'll upgrade your badge to a higher status. When you reach 5 pages, you'll receive the next one. Then again at 10 page, 50 pages etc.

Your Content Page Views

The more traffic you attract to Wikinut, the more people will read your pages and the more royalties you'll earn.  Therefore, they hand  out a page views badge, which is awarded once you reach certain thresholds of total page views.

By this they mean the total number of times all your pages have been read since you joined Wikinut. So if you have 5 pages published, and they have each been read 1,000 times you would have 5,000 total page views.

As you reach your first 100 page views you'll receive your first badge, with new awards all the way up to 1,000,000 total page views...

Wikinut Is Currently One Of My Most Favorite Writing Sites, And I Use It Every Single Day!
It's like a social network all in itself, and building your network here couldn't be easier!